MS3580 QuantumT

QuantumT is a compact, versatile, and accurate omnidirectional/ single line barcode scanner. It's rugged, durable and reliable, making it ideal for a variety of retail presentation scanning applications including convenience stores, liquor stores and pharmacies.

Honeywell scanner
  • Features
  • Specifications

• Custom configurable scan pattern

• Decodes all standard 1D, RSS-14, RSS Limited, and RSS expanded barcodes

• Easy mounting integration

• Fully automatic scanning operation

• OPOS and JPOS system compatible

• Single-line mode for menu reading

• User-replaceable, single cable interface to host

MS3580 QuantumT

Light Source Visible Diode 650 nm
Laser Power 1.1 mW (peak)
Depth of Scan Field (programmable) 19 mm - 273 mm (.75” - 10.75”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar code at default setting
Width of Scan Field 30 mm (1.2”) @ 25 mm (1.0”); 150 mm (5.9”) @ 280 mm (11.0”)
Scan Speed 1650 scan lines /sec, omnidirectional; 80 scan lines /sec, single line
Scan Pattern 5 fields of 4 parallel lines omnidirectional; or button activated single line
Number of Scan Lines 20 (omnidirectional); or 1 (single-line)
Minimum Bar Width 0.127 mm (5.0 mil)
Decode Capability Autodiscriminates all standard 1D bar codes, including RSS-Expanded, RSS-14 and RSS-14 Limited; for other symbologies call Metrologic
System Interfaces RS232, Light Pen Emulation, Keyboard Wedge, Stand Alone Keyboard, IBM 468x/469x, USB (low speed and full speed), Laser Emulation, OCIA
Print Contrast 35% minimum reflectance difference
Number Characters Read Up to 80 data characters
Roll, Pitch, Yaw 360°, 60°, 60°
Beeper Operation 7 tones or no beep
Indicators Blue = laser on, ready to scan
White = good read
Length 66 mm (2.60”)
Width 67 mm (2.65”)
Height 108 mm (4.25”)
Weight 170 g (6.0 oz)
Termination 10 position modular RJ45 connector
Cable Standard 2.1 m (7’) straight; optional 2.7 m (9’) coiled for other cables call Metrologic


Input Voltage 5 VDC + 0.25 V
Power 1.825 W
Operating Current 365 mA typical @ 5 VDC
DC Transformers Class 2; 5.2 VDC @ 650 mA
Laser Class Class 1; IEC60825-1:1993/A1:1997+A2:2001
Class 1; EN60825-1:1994/A11:1996+A2:2001
EMC FCC, ICES-003 & EN55022 Class A


Operating -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Light Levels Up to 4842 Lux (450 footcandles)
Contaminants Sealed to resist airborne particulate contaminants
Ventilation None required