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There many uses for the touchscreens and peripherals in the healthcare industry including Patient Management, Inventory control, Patient Check-In, Patient Entertainment Stations and Time and Attendance. Improve quality and patient care with the accurate identification of patients, medications, samples, treatments, lab results, and records. Medical mobile carts, EMR Panel PC's, label printers, consumables and scanners are just a few of the products available..

The accurate identification of patients, medications, samples, treatments, lab results, and records provides the foundation for improving quality and patient care. Hundreds of hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and other healthcare facilities rely on products that will ensure all activity begins and ends with quality and accurate data.

Hospitals and healthcare providers are now seeing the need to upgrade and modernize their systems. From touch screen information kiosks to portable data terminals for doctors and nurses, Touchscreen Technologies can supply you with all the products you need to make you workplace a more efficient environment.

The medical industry requires electronic devices and systems that allow for simple, efficient and effective delivery of a variety of diverse services to patients. Software solutions that ensure integrated reporting, claims investigation & observation while guaranteeing compliance with patient confidentiality and data security policy is vital. Many healthcare businesses including hospitals and special care facilities now implement Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to improve quality, increase safety, and reduce operational costs.