POS Terminals

POS 365

The POS-365 is an innovative “Fanless” design that operates at low noise, low power consumption and minimal maintenance. Tool-less modular construction is easy to maintain and service, and therefore significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

TTI 365

POS 385

The POS 385 comes equipped with Intel Sandy Bridge CPU & Q67 PCH chipset, its powerful AMT function supports remote management and provides powerful yet user-friendly interface for various POS applications. The rich I/O ports offer maximum  flexibility for connections with peripherals such as MSR, Finger printer, VFD and Second Display. The all-in-one terminal ensures quiet operation and easy maintenance while keeping the unit at top performance.


POS 495

The Tek-495 Series is a sleek, powerful Point-of-Sale system designed with fashionable 15” true flat touch panel and streamlining shape.  It features a slim, futuristic, and high-tech look yet applies die casting technology so as to prevent damage from harsh environment.  Designed with more dynamic and effortless operations that help reduce cost and create efficient consumer experience.

POS 495

POS 750

The POS 750 is specially developed to satisfy the needs of reliable systems in harsh environments, ergonomically designed to work efficiently in the Control Processing, Medical, Retail and Hospitality industries. It is designed for convenience and comfort, and its aluminum casing and fanless features help you to clean it easily. Watch the video below to see it in action. The POS 750 Features an Intel Dual Core Atom 1.8Ghz Processor, with 4GB Ram and a 160GB Hard Drive.