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Ticket Kiosk KT1700

The stand alone ticket kiosk features our fanless TTI700 Series All-in-one touchscreen panel PC, available in 15" or 17", Boca's Lemur printer, Magtek insert MSR (magnetic strip reader) and a Power Var power conditioner. This sturdy kiosk is perfect for movie theaters, casinos, malls, and concert halls.

Ticket Kiosk

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• Stand Alone Ticketing Kiosk

• Low power consumption

• Fanless, quiet operation

• Secure lockable printer drawer, kiosk can be bolted to the floor

• High reliability and stability

• Magtek Insert Card Reader

• Optional Integrated Motorola 3207 Scanner

• Movie Theaters - Self Service Ticketing

• Casinos - Player Redemption & Wayfinding

• Malls - Wayfinding

• Concert Halls - Self Service Ticketing


TTI700 Series All-in-one Specifications
Kiosk Dimensions 22" deep X 20" wide X 53" tall (With TTI797 panel PC)
Kiosk Weight 114lbs fully assembled
Ticket KioskTicket Kiosk