The FVP10 features an ultra high print speed of 250mm/second and front paper loading for easy paper roll changing. Its square design & front paper loading allow for it to either be easily under-counter mounted or used as a platform to mount other POS devices. The FVP-10 can support up to 7 pounds of accessories on its top. Text to voice feature enables users to communicate important information with both staff and customers.




ECOSTAR MICRONICS, TSP100 POWERED USB SERIES: The future of POS Printing Today, Direct Thermal Printer, 80mm (3 1/8”), 2 Color, Graphic Capable Receipt Printer, available in gray or putty.

Includes: Powered by the 1.2 Meter Powered USB Cable, The TSP100 futurePRNT has everything in the box: 6ft USB Cable, 1.2 Meter Powered USB cable, wall mount kit, 58mm guide, mounting feet, power switch cover, CD (includes all drivers), paper roll, free software solutions, set up guide. Auto cutter and tear bar options, and futurePRNT software.




The TSP650 features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in hospitality environments. The TSP650 features low cost and high performance combined with the ability to work effectively in any environment. Out of the box, the TSP650 can easily be configured and features all interface options including USB and Ethernet due to its plug-in modules.





STAR MICRONICS, TSP700II SERIES: Ultra High-Speed Drop-In & Print Thermal Printer, 58mm, 80mm-default, 82.5mm capability, 2 Color, label and receipt printing on the same printer, available in gray or putty.

Features: Vista Driver, patented cutter with full or partial cut, rear slot to accept large paper rolls, wall mount, dust and spill proof design, ticket alarm, interface cover included, 1 Dim. & 2 Dim Barcode (QR & PDF417) printing, and partial or full cut on the same receipt for coupon printing, futurePRNT software.

Star Printer 700



The TSP800 Series: TSP847 thermal printers are packaged in a small footprint and are ideal for POS, credit card, restaurant, bar code, hospitality, ticketing, label, and kiosk applications.


TSP 800 printer


The TSP828 sets the standard when it comes to desktop label printing. With the TSP828, Star meets the high quality, ease-of-use demands of the desktop thermal label printer market. The TSP828 is perfect for all of your printing applications, from shipping and receiving, to healthcare and retail. The TSP828 can accommodate various labels formats and widths.



The TSP1000 is a specialty POS solution that offers truly outstanding value, reliability, performance and quality. The TSP1000 high capacity direct thermal printer offers support for up to a 7” diameter paper roll that is ideal for high volume applications. The integrated ticket/document stacker aids in sorting multiple tickets/documents where batch printing is required. Perfect for: lottery, large events, ticketing, industrial kitchen, bar and libraries.



The TUP592 features an industry leading print speed of up to 220 mm/sec and a high reliability at an MCBF of 60 Million Lines. The innovative looping presenter prevents paper jams by printing the receipt in full before providing it to the user. The Presenter also uses Star Micronics’ document capture technology to retract receipts left by the user, resulting in increased document security and a cleaner operation area. 



STAR MICRONICS, HSP7000: The HSP7000 is designed to assist retail stores who want to support check paying customers at the POS station, at a price less than a single station printer.

HSP 7000 Printer